Facial Treatments

Premium natural and organic products combine with skin science technologies
to bring you highly effective treatments with little to no downtime.
After a detailed analysis your treatment will be customized to your needs,
and designed to treat a variety of skin concerns, to keep your skin looking its best.
Whether you’d like to learn more about how to care for your skin during your treatment,
or just rest quietly, we’re here to assist you in making it a
special experience.




CUSTOM FACIAL – 1 hour / 125 ~the basics
A comprehensive treatment for all skin types, designed to resurface, detoxify and restore moisture balance. Your session begins with a deep cleanse, followed by enzyme exfoliation, and extractions. Facial massage is incorporated throughout, in addition to an arsenal of serums, masks and active ingredients chosen specifically for your skins needs. High Frequency, and Ultrasound may be utilized as needed. (add décolleté 30)

CUSTOM PLUS – 1 hour / 185 ~the plus one
Custom facial, plus your choice of either skin smoothing microdermabrasion, or reparative LED light therapy. Extractions may be included as needed. Great for all skin types. (add décolleté 45)

BRIGHTENING TREATMENT 1 hour / 205 ~smooth, brighten, and repair
Recharge and repair with this anti-aging powerhouse. This facial is all business, and includes both microdermabrasion and LED therapy. A thorough cleanse is followed by our signature blend of fruit enzymes + botanical brighteners to dissolve impurities and soften pigmentation. Diamond-tipped Microdermabrasion lifts away layers of damaged skin, and preps for a full session under the LED panel. Blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria, and calms inflammation, while Red light rebuilds collagen deep within the skin. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C close the show, leaving you with a smoother, brighter complexion!

RESURFACE – 1 hour/ 210 ~smooth and detoxify
Resurface combines two of our most popular treatments in one (custom facial + progressive peel), in a single results-driven session. Resurface incorporates a progressive strength peel, plus extractions, and firming facial massage. HF and ultrasound included as needed. The result is clearer, softer, glowing skin! (add décolleté 45)

CUSTOM DELUXE – 80 min / 265 ~”the works”
We get it. You want it all; total rejuvenation, and relaxation. The Custom Deluxe gives you the best of both worlds. With more time for everything, you get the ultimate customizable experience. 80 minutes is dedicated to lavishly treating your skin, as we mix and match elements of the facials above, incorporating fruit enzymes, antioxidant serums, extractions, and facial massage. Plus access to all the modalities including LED, microdermabrasion, high frequency, and ultrasound. You can even choose boost your results with a progressive strength peel. Want more? Extend your treatment to include the décolleté (+55) for 90 minutes of total skin renewal. Your skin will be smoother, firmer, more hydrated, and absolutely radiant!

DAYDREAM – 90 min / 265 ~relax and rejuvenate
Drift away during our most relaxing, nourishing treatment. Special attention is given to the back, face and décolleté. We start with a thorough cleanse followed by fruit enzyme exfoliation. Massage is incorporated throughout the treatment as we infuse layers of soothing botanicals, antioxidants, and hydrating serums. Light extractions may be included by request, along with HF and Ultrasound and LED. Let us focus on your skin, while you focus on your dreams.

BACK TREATMENT – 45 min / 115 ~upside down facial
Give your back some love with a treatment designed to smooth and hydrate this often-neglected part of the body. A scalp massage is included while the appropriate mask settles into the skin. (add a peel boost to address acne and pigmentation 60)


EXPRESS FACIAL – 30 min / 85
This efficient facial includes a cleanse, light exfoliation, hydration, and optional HF. Extractions not included. Great for those in need of a quick tune up, and/or looking for skin care advise.

POWER NAP – 30 min / 95  (series of 4 / 330 savings of $50)
Start with a cleanse, followed by a full 20 minute session under the LED panel. Relax under the lights while you reduce fine lines, build collagen and elastin, heal breakouts, and reduce inflammation. Finish with a nourishing vitamin serum and hydration.

MICRODERMABRASION – 30 min / 95  (series of 4 / 330 savings of $50)
Start with a cleanse, followed by a skin smoothing microdermabrasion treatment, vitamin serum, and hydration. The result is more even skin tone and texture.

HIGH FREQUENCY – 10 min / 25
Treat stubborn cystic, and hormonal types of acne with a quick HF session. Kill acne-causing bacteria deep within the dermal layers, while encouraging your body’s natural lymphatic response to accelerate the heal time of breakouts.


Want to learn more? Here are just a few of the tools we utilize in our treatments
to achieve great results for your skin!


Utilizing the latest, diamond tip microdermabrasion technology, this mechanical type of exfoliation is used to remove the outmost layers of the skin, improve texture, soften fine lines, sun damage, and pore size. It also stimulates blood flow, increasing nutrient delivery to the cells. Your skin may be slightly flush following your treatment, which generally fades within a half hour or so. Good for all skin types, except those using prescription Retinols, Accutane, or anyone with moderate to severe acne, or rosacea.


LED phototherapy was originally developed by NASA as a way to heal wounds in space. This beneficial UV-free light treatment is used to energize cellular functions to make changes deep within the skin.

Three wavelengths work simultaneously to calm inflammation, destroy acne-causing bacteria, increase collagen production, and accelerate the skin’s healing response. The result is radiant, glowing skin, with a reduction of fine lines, and acne. Best results are seen with ongoing, or series appointments. No down time. For all skin types, except those using prescription strength Retinols, or anyone taking medication which causes an increased sensitivity to light. 


Referred to by our clients as “the magic wand” High Frequency utilizes a safe and gentle current used to treat stubborn cystic, and hormonal, types of acne.

The oscillating and oxygenating power of this tool has the ability to kill bacteria deep within the dermal layers, while encouraging a healing lymphatic response. All skin types. No down time. Not recommended during pregnancy, or anyone with metal implants, or pacemakers.


This 3-in-1 has the ability to deep cleanse the pores, gently exfoliate, and infuse moisture and serums deep within the skin. Good for all skin types. An especially great exfoliating option for super sensitive skin types, and for the treatment of dehydrated skin.


Waxing ⋅ add-on
can be added to facial treatments as time allows

brow wax  ⋅ 30
brow maintenance . 25
(if less than 6wks since prior wax w/ us)
brow tint  ⋅ 20
lip or chin  ⋅ 15
underarm  ⋅ 30
back wax ⋅ 70
(includes shoulders)